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KAT 1493

Melissa Daniels

Female, 40 Years

15 Years of Teaching Experience

U.S. Certified MS and HS teacher Master Degree in Teaching American

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  • Area: All Areas
  • Teaches: Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, English language, Math... more

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Profile Details:


U.S. Certified MS and HS teacher Master Degree in Teaching American

Tutoring Experience:

American teacher with 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience. U.S. Certified High School and Middle School Teacher with a Masters in Teaching. Specialize in Test Preparation, Math and English. I taught English American School of Kuwait for 2 years. I taught math for 11 years at The American International School of Buenos Aires. I have my own online tutoring business and work with students from many of the best international schools in the Middle East. I also currently teach Algebra at Icademy Middle East

Tutoring Options:

I Can Manage Both

Tutoring Approach:

I use the combination of Skype and an interactive whiteboard so that I can work directly with my students. We work both face to face and on the collaborative whiteboard. I can my student work on problems and I can also demonstrate how to solve problems. The student will need to have a laptop or desktop computer and internet connection. I am happy to do a 20 minute free demonstration lesson.

Fees Expected (KWD):

23-30 KD


College & UniversitiesMathematics, English literature, English language, Business,
High SchoolMaths, History, Finance, English,
SecondaryMathematics, History, English language, Business,
PrimarySocial Studies, Science, Mathematics, English language,


Online Tutoring

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  • When I started doing my writing, I really wanted to share my ideas with a tutor from the US. I needed a native US speaker. The skype video and google documents were a great way to use technology. We were very interactive and shared our ideas just like a home tutor. I love Melissa's positive energy and her supportive style. I am proud of the writing that we worked on together and it was even better than I expected.

    Posted by: Lolwa Rating:
  • I love how Melissa explained how to do the reading and language sections of the SAT step by step. She explained everything briefly but it all made sense. I was scared at first of the online tutoring but it is actually more efficient. I donít get distracted with online tutoring. Melissa pointed out my weaknesses and helped me understand the concepts.

    Posted by: Mirna Rating:
  • When I started studying for the SAT, I didnít have any strategies. Ms Melissa helped me with strategies and how to save time. It was really helpful. I liked the five steps to follow in the reading section. She is friendly and flexible. Online tutoring is awesome and more reliable because we always start our lessons on time. The interactive whiteboard is fun to use. After every lesson, Melissa sends the notes from the whiteboard so I have a copy to review.

    Posted by: Anas Mohamed Rating:
  • Melissa has good teaching skills, unlike other teachers, I can really understand the SAT. She helped me alot with new strategies to solve the math problems. Melissa is flexible with her hours and has a relaxed approach. This is my first time tutoring online, and my first impression is really good because it is like it is in person. I really liked the practice tests on the virtual whiteboard. I took an SAT class with an agency and I didn't understand the English at all. With Melissa, she helped me understand how the SAT worked and especially English grammar. Through working with Melissa, I have also improved my English overall.

    Posted by: Omar Arnaoot Rating:

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